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A show for the entire family

Three clowns playing like children. Or are they three children playing to be clowns? Are clowns like children...?
But the show isn’t just about clowns. It’s about friendship, the mysteries of discovering things together as a group, laughing, spending more time playing with friends, not forgetting to be a child and seeing life through a child’s eyes.

Two clown show (20-30 minutes in length) also available!

Clowns prepared perfectly

The recipe is simple. The important thing is perfect preparation. The important thing... and a chef would add the difficult thing. The perfect preparation, yes, that mysterious quality which depends on the amount of each ingredient, on its ability to create harmony and contrasts in the overall recipe, on cooking time...

And that is what these three wonderful clowns do with their show ONLY PAYASOS. They know how to combine classic circus resources with surprising innovations resulting from their theatrical experience.

And it results in what any show for children should be able to bring about in the adults “accompanying” the little ones: it makes us envy the joy in children that reverberates in the room, and it makes us want to keep that child that we (or some of us) still have inside. Thank you Paco, Goizalde, and Antonio for having made me feel this envy...

José Sanchis Sinisterra

The group

Goizalde Nuñez Uriarte

Ms Nuñez is an actress from Bilbao. She has been a cast member in a number of theatrical works, cultivating various registers. She has worked with directors such as: Miguel Narros, Sergi Belbel, Juan Calot, Luis Olmos, Denis Rafter, Carlos Aladro, Joan Font, Amelia Ochandiano, Maria Ruiz, Nacho Garcia, Paca Ojea, and Natalia Menendez. In Madrid, she has been on stage in the following theaters: La Comedia with C.N.T.C., Maria Guerrero with C.D.N, Bellas Artes, Albeniz, La Latina, Infanta Isabel, Alcazar, Pavon, Teatro Español.
Some of her most outstanding works include: El Malentendido, Marat Sade, La Secretaria, Madre El Drama Padre, Maravillas de Cervantes, No Hay Burlas Con El Amor, La Celosa De Si Misma, La Gaviota, Demasiado Humano, No Te Vistas Para Cenar, Contraccionas, Bette & Joan, Mi niña, niña mia, and Only Payasos. She is well- known for her television roles in shows such as Los Serrano, Con El Culo Al Aire, Buscando El Norte, and Estoy Vivo, or movie roles in films such as El Milagro de P. Tinto, Embarazados, Zipi y Zape, o Villaviciosa De Al Lado.

Antonio Orihuela

Mr Orihuela is a circus performer and actor. Founder of new pioneering circus companies in Madrid such as Orquestina Clandestina, Bambalina Nuevo Circo and Vinçent&Roko Clowns.
He has worked as a clown in some of the most well-know circuses in Europe (Circo Raluy, Medrano, Mundial, etc.), as an actor and as an acrobat in the Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico, Festival de Teatro Clásico de Almagro, Teatro de La Zarzuela (Madrid), Teatro Lope de Vega (Madrid), Teatro Alcázar (Madrid), Gran Rex (Buenos Aires), among others, and a number of theatrical and musical production tours. He has also worked on theater/circus projects with the company Ale Hop.
He has also provided consulting services to theater companies such as La Zaranda in clown and circus language. As a professor, he performs activities bringing people closer to the circus at Universidad Carlos III in Madrid and the Lycée Français.

Paco Revaliente

Mr Revaliente is an actor and clown, and since the year 2011 he has been a member of the permanent group studying dramaturgy from the actor’s perspective led by Jose Sanchis Sinistierra at Nuevo Teatro Fronterizo. He has trained with Helena Pimenta, Juan Carlos Corazza, Albert Boadella, Jango Edwards, Leo Bassi, and Gabriel Chame.
He has worked in: Tachin, Tachan, Tachon, with the company Dos Payasos Dos, with Nuevo Teatro Fronterizo in Seis Habitaciones, Topos, Lolita, Por Si Algo Me Ocurriera, Archipielago Dron, Mujeres De Macondo; with Teatro Del Zurdo in Broken Heart Story, El Extraño Caso De La Marquesa De Vadillo, Contraseña, Intrusiones En El Ojo Ajeno; with Método Teatro in El Cid Campeador, Don Juan Tenorio, Brigada policial; with Teatro Cómico De Madrid in Aquí No Paga Nadie y Scapin El Picaro; and with Teatro Clasico De Madrid in Piratas, Dracula, Los Caballeros De La Tabla Redonda, Lorca Vida and Muerte De Un Poeta.


"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants"
Isaac Netwon